Last summer, my daughter went to her mother’s home for her summer visitation, as she lives in Illinois and we live in North Carolina, and her mother never sent her back. She filed for full custody in Illinois knowing we already had a temporary custody order in place. Mary Davis and her exceptional team went above and beyond for me and my family. There were multiple court hearings scheduled on a week to week basis, and I always knew what was going on. They called me multiple times a week to discuss my case and even sometimes just to see how I was holding up. This law office went above and beyond for me and my daughter. Mary Davis’ paralegal even met me way after business hours to make sure I had an order that was given by the judge in Illinois, and they even spoke to several police departments on my behalf. I would recommend their services to anyone who is in need. They are by far the most compassionate law office I have dealt with (and I am still in an active child custody case currently with attorneys in North Carolina and California). I am forever grateful for them; they won every motion put in front of them and eventually their services led to
my daughter being returned to me. – Tom S.

Mary Davis has represented me in two divorces over the past 13 years. Divorce is never an easy decision, but Mary has been there for me through it all. I was overwhelmed and stressed over all the uncertainty – not knowing what to expect or how things would turn out. I didn’t even know what would be expected of me or how long the process would take. Fortunately, Mary walked me through everything in a patient and straightforward fashion. Mary conveys a sense of self-confidence and is a great listener. She assured me that we would get through this together. True to her word, Mary created a strategy and gave me choices; we were a team. Mary is a persistent warrior that fought for me and never looked for “the easy way out.” No matter how difficult or tiresome the case was or when innocent children are caught in the ugly mess of divorce/custody battles and the other party is being extremely harsh, inconsiderate and vindictive, she never gave up. Mary continuously put herself on the line for me; she spoke out for what she believed to be the truth, fair and honest. Every time I walk out of her office or after meeting with her, I feel confident, I feel secure and I feel trusted. I couldn’t ask for a better lawyer. I highly recommend Mary Davis.  – A. Antonelli

Mary Davis is an intelligent, straightforward, powerfully gifted and strategic attorney. I have been a client for the past four years, and I would not trust my child custody issues to any other attorney. I have seen her in action in court on my behalf. She has left my ex-husband speechless on the stand while proving her evidence beyond a doubt. My son is 10, and for the next eight years, Mary Davis will be my only attorney for any matter concerning my son. – Rebekah

Mary Davis is an excellent lawyer. She is professional and very knowledgeable. I was blind-sided with a custody petition and was in shock at the accusations made about me and my family. I was afraid and angry that someone was threatening to take away my children. I came to her in need of support and looking for direction. Mary comforted me and calmed my fears. She strategized a clear game plan that I could understand. If I had not met with Mary, I may have made the situation much worse than it was. Mary helped me to deal with the stress and remain calm, knowing that she had my back and knew what was coming next.

Not only is Mary amazing, but her staff is amazing as well. On multiple occasions, I was contacted by Kam and Abeer. Both are helpful and understanding. They see what her vision is and the help to execute it just as planned. If I was in crisis mode then called and left a message, I could always count on a call back from one of them. They helped me navigate through the multiple motions and hurdles that have to be jumped during proceedings.

Mary and her team made a really awful situation as easy as possible. They helped me, someone with no knowledge of family law, understand what was happening. For two years, they guided me and supported me through the roughest times in my life thus far. On the last court date, this is when the true professional, Mary Davis, shined the brightest. She shamed the opposing council with her argument and justice prevailed. Mary Davis is a law rock star! I am thankful I found her and would absolutely recommend her services to those in need. – Kim

I just wanted to send this email to you and thank you and your office for the excellent job you did on my case. Your professionalism and your work was outstanding, and my wife and I both thank you. – Brad Clar.

Divorce, in general, is a painful process, no matter who is right or wrong and whether one would feel that the outcomes are not fair in general. Having said that, I find Ms. Davis a great lawyer who treats her clients with respect, dignity and integrity. She uses her skills in mediation to prevent litigation and its consequences. She gave me good advice and guided me through this process even though I did not initially follow her advice and kept the marriage for extra two years, which I regretted later on. With her long experience, she provides many helpful recommendations and strategies that ease the divorce process. I would recommend her without any reservation. – Dr. Elie Richa

I am writing on behalf of Mary Davis regarding her services as my attorney. Firstly, I want to say that I went to Mary based upon a verbal recommendation by a family friend. That was the best decision I ever made. Upon meeting her, I found that her supportive compassion and understanding of my situation made my decision to use her services incredibly easy and comforting. As we worked our way through the legal processes, I found her knowledge of the law, her communication skills and professional demeanor to be outstanding. Mary led me through my situation with clear and concise guidance. I know Mary would be an excellent legal fit for any individual or organization requiring her services. – Caron Von See

I would highly recommend Mary Davis as an attorney in any divorce. Mary is a very compassionate person and when you are going through a divorce you need a lawyer not only with compassion but fully understands the law. In court, Mary carries herself very professional and to the point. I have seen lawyers yelling and making total fools out of themselves and believe me no judge likes that. Mary is very calm and to the point. She was a fantastic lawyer for my son’s divorce and believe me, it was a very hard case to take on and we are very thankful she did. – Debbie Giamarusti

Mary Davis is a trustworthy professional who delivers excellent results. She delivers promised results and is dedicated to achieving those results. – M. Tolliver

Ms. Davis is a very talented, dedicated and honest attorney. Her devotion to her clients, her strong beliefs in doing the right thing and protecting her clients’ best interests as well as conducting herself in a respectable and ethical way set her aside from other attorneys. Her extensive knowledge and willingness to “get the job done” releases a great deal of pressure from her clients and allows them to focus on other important issues as she walks them through their individual legal situation at hand. Ms. Davis is responsive, professional and sympathetic, which brings a lot of reassurance to her clients. Every legal “battle,” whether it is big or small, causes stress and a level of distraction to the client. Finding an attorney to lessen that burden and make the client feel secure and more at ease about what is occurring is essential. All of these things, among others, are important actions and factors Ms. Davis offers. – Dr. Michelle Hughes

We are so grateful you had the courage of your convictions to take a stand in court. That was incredibly brave of you and no matter what the final outcome, we will be forever appreciative of what you did for us. – Vanessa B.

It was just over two years ago when I was hit with one of the biggest changes in my life. I had been married for 17 years, had two beautiful children, was 12 years away from paying off my home and, due to an unfortunate work accident, had just started a new business, when my wife asked for a divorce. Needless to say, this was one of the most difficult times of my life. I had no idea where to begin or how to protect my interests. Mary was there for me throughout the process and has been there for me since. She counseled me on what needed to be revised regarding the proposed documents and explained, through examples, the need for such changes. She consistently listened to my concerns and validated me. She looked after my future interests, not only as a divorced person but also as a father and a financial provider. She continues to look out for my personal and familial interests and has represented me fairly and equitably during one of the hardest times of my life. I recommend her, without reservation, and have done so to family and friends. – Chris S.

I was going through a divorce a year ago and started out with another attorney. He was not staying in touch with me and was charging me a lot of money; I knew something had to change. I found Mary’s office on the way to my son’s school and decided to call her. Right away, I found myself talking to a person that showed she cared about my well-being, along with the case. My husband was very stubborn about giving up things, and she dealt with everything that his lawyer was throwing at us in a timely manner. Having a child involved didn’t help the situation either. One thing that I liked is that she kept me informed about everything that was happening, and she advised me on what things I should negotiate and what to stay firm on. She was very fast on responding to the other lawyer’s requests, and she made all the “legal stuff” understandable to me. Altogether, I would highly recommend her. She’s the best lawyer that I’ve worked with. With her, you are not alone. She works with you as a team. – Lisa P., Des Plaines, Illinois

Over the years, Mary has handled several matters for me. She is professional, thorough, straightforward and responsive. She has the ability to explain difficult legal concepts in a way that makes it easier for me to determine my options and to make important decisions. I trust her work and her ethics. I recommend her without hesitation to my friends and family. She recently handled my sister’s divorce. – E. Wohn, Chicago, Illinois

I wanted to say thank you again for the superb work you did for me. Life has taken a turn for the best in the last two years. Thank you again. – Richard Cotton

I am a client of attorney Mary Davis. I have had bad experiences with attorneys in the past. I have been blessed to have attorney Mary Davis and her team working in my case. Attorney Davis is an excellent and outstanding attorney; she is very knowledgeable, honest and ethical. Attorney Davis listens to your concerns and issues and starts working on your case immediately, keeping you informed. Attorney Davis is the best legal representation for your case. I will refer Attorney Mary Davis to everyone; you can be confident that you will be treated with respect to solve your legal issues successfully. – Doris

Noteworthy Cases:

– Handled case involving international custody and jurisdiction issue, taking case to trial in front of Judge Katz at the Daley Center. Case involved numerous witnesses, including a witness from India and another from Australia appearing electronically. Judge ruled in our favor after months of trial, briefs and oral argument. Case was cited in the Illinois Divorce Digest.

– Successfully overcame a challenge in a detailed trial to restrict visitation over the testimony of child’s psychologist, child’s psychiatrist and Guardian Ad Litem.

– Successfully overcame prenuptial agreement to avoid its application when client was in a serious automobile accident.