Mother and Child

Determining Child Support

Dictated by clear guidelines, child support is one of the most straightforward aspects of divorce or paternity disputes. Essentially, it is based on the incomes of the parents. Of course, child custody arrangements will also play a role. I will take great care to see that the child support aspect of your case is handled carefully, so your child is provided with the proper amount of financial support. With more than 25 years of experience on my side, I have the strength to accomplish this goal. My family law services are available to people in and near the Illinois counties of DuPage, Cook, Kane, Kendall and Will.

When Child Support Becomes A Challenge

If one parent attempts to hide money, child support cases can become challenging. An attorney can work with the court in an attempt to get accurate income information. However, in cases in which a person is self-employed, it can become a bit more difficult to find out exactly how much money is being made. I know how to handle these cases.

Not Just Child Support

Child support is one thing. Both parents should also provide financial support to cover daycare expenses, medical expenses and the costs of extracurricular activities. Both parents need to contribute in order to provide for the child’s needs. I am dedicated to doing what is fair.

Modifications Of Child Support Orders

If there is a major change in life circumstances, child support orders can be changed. For example, if there has been a job loss or, similarly, a major promotion and pay increase, you may be able to modify child support payments accordingly. I can help you pursue or contest a child support modification.

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