Customized Divorce Representation

Since 1991, I have provided strong divorce representation for people in DuPage, Cook, Kendall, Kane and Will counties, as well as in the surrounding parts of Illinois. I have the experience to handle everything from the most straightforward uncontested divorce cases to the most complex and challenging contested divorce cases.

Divorce cases typically involve addressing a variety of issues simultaneously, including:

Property Division

One of the most disputed aspects in divorce is how the property will be divided. What is separate property? What is community property? Who gets the house? How are pensions and retirement funds divided? How does property division impact child support and spousal support? I can answer all of these questions appropriately to your unique circumstances. My goal is to ensure you know your rights and to help you protect your property.

This Is Your Case

During our first conversation, I will review your family law situation. I want to find out about your own unique problems, concerns and needs. Then, I will develop a strategy based on your unique situation. I will work closely with you to develop a strategy to resolve your case, reviewing all options and educating you about the best-case scenario and worst-case scenario for each. You will continue to have input at every critical juncture in your divorce case.

The Strength And The Wisdom To Overcome Every Challenge

Challenges can be blown out of proportion. It is simple for an attorney to call in experts every time an unusual situation is encountered, including appraisers to evaluate the value of unique types of property. However, experts run up the cost. I believe in looking for alternatives before enlisting expensive experts. Even in challenging, high-asset cases, my experience allows me to achieve success without the assistance of experts.

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