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Rising To The Challenges Of A High-Asset Divorce

People who have significant assets and own businesses should consult an experienced attorney before filing for divorce. The main goal is asset protection and to carefully follow a plan to completion. In addition, present and future tax consequences play a critical role in protecting the marital estate. Call 630-620-4533 today to schedule a free phone consultation.

Experienced High-Asset Divorce Lawyer

Mary Davis has quickly built a reputation for skill, knowledge and experience in the practice of law. Our clients consistently refer us to friends, family members and colleagues. We have the resources to handle the most complex cases, including disputes over pensions, investments and property.

Not All Divorce Actions Are Equal

Whether you are involved in an uncontested or contested divorce in Illinois, if there are multiple assets of high value involved, it can bring additional complexity and emotion.

A Team Of Experts

The Law Office of Mary Davis, P.C. works in sync with financial and business valuation specialists to resolve any issues that may arise. For example, a forensic accountant may be needed to examine tax returns or business records to ensure that all income has been reported accurately. Appraisers of real estate, jewelry, collections, or other tangible property, or certified public accountants may need to be consulted.

Our family law firm has access to a network of professionals in these fields and we ensure all aspects of the divorce are dealt with appropriately and that you are in a strong position for negotiation or, if necessary, litigation.

As the Law Office of Mary Davis, P.C. works with you to ensure your assets are correctly valued and fairly distributed, we also value every asset. This can have a dramatic impact on the ultimate value of any equitable distribution settlement. The allocation of debt can have important consequences and must be done fairly.

Protect Your Assets Secure Your Future

If you are facing or considering a divorce and have substantial or complex assets, you need an experienced divorce attorney who can protect your interest and ensure your assets are allocated equitably. While legal fees can drain your assets, The Law Office of Mary Davis, P.C. focuses on detail and will advise a plan that will protect your bank account and limit legal expenses.

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To get started with your high-asset divorce in DuPage County, Cook County or elsewhere, call for a free consultation. Obtain sound advice from a knowledgeable divorce attorney. Call us at 630-620-4533.

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Mary Davis is a Trustworthy Professional whom delivers excellent results…and is dedicated to achieving those results. — M. Tolliver

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